"I accept myself as I am" This capsule collection is born from a personal need to share special garments of gratitude for everything that has been good for me with the brand and the support I have from you. Having made a scan of me to better define my personal brand, I felt that I wanted to transmit a little more of this world and open myself to share.
Recognize ourselves, with freedom of expression in co-creating in your own way and moment of life. So he proposes an encounter with oneself, forgiveness, personal recognition, being self-patient, listening to the body, giving yourself the moment to breathe, to remember who you are, to do things again to feed your soul, of brotherhood, to give permission to release, to play again. The transparent body, infinite soul, accepts changes and recognizes achievements. This is how he lives in dreams. I take this opportunity to thank even more the team that made a dream come true and to have the real proof that by sharing beautiful things can be achieved.
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