If you have a project in mind, or if you like a model but you don't like the fabrics in the suggested photos, we can also customize it and make it especially for you.

We love the world of recycling and being able to take advantage of materials that would no longer be used. We understand that in each order there are thousands of possibilities and that each person needs one. So we are happy to be able to mix ideas and evolve together, discovering each of these possibilities.

So, to carry out all this I suggest that you follow some steps:

1. contact

Send us an e-mail to origamiwear@gmail.com or a WhatsApp at 633668428 explaining well what you want

2. choose the fabric

Choose a fabric that you already have, and send it to us. You can also choose a fabric that we already have available in the workshop.

3. choose pattern

Define the pattern within one that we already have, or adjust the necessary changes together to make it to your liking.

4. we make it

Finally: just trust and leave it in our hands, we will let you know what else we may need, if any measurement is taken, or if there is a pattern test.

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